Financial Scorecards and KPIs

Rich Insight Global will help you gain key insights into your client’s financial health with easy-to-scan charts and graphs – so you can make strategic business decisions & help your clients grow. We will customize your financial scorecard with charts and graphs powered by your QuickBooks data, as well as integrating your payroll and timekeeping information.

These powerful financial Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) give you a quick snapshot into the financial well-being of your business.

Decision-Ready Financial Intelligence

Your Rich Insight Global Team will deliver your financial scorecards and KPI reports at the end of each month in a simple to read graphical format, showing exactly what you need to know to make informed financial decisions.

  • KPI chartstrack your client’s actual results by month.
  • Trailing Twelve Months (TTM) Reportscompare your client’s twelve-month total for current month vs. prior months, eliminating the seasonality of your results.
  • Trend Line Chartshelp even the most non-financial person on your client’s team to tell if business results are trending up or down. We can create a Trend Line graphic for any report, at a minimum: Total Revenue, Gross Profit and Net Income. We can also add a Trend Line to your TTM to show the overall trend of your business.

Monthly Financial Review

We’ll also help you understand the implications – turning financial data from your financial dashboard into business insight. We’ll schedule a monthly call or video conference with a member of your dedicated team to make sure you keep your eye on the key metrics and to answer any questions.

These reports will also support CPAs or, Accounting Firms in their role to help their clients reduce taxes and be the proactive trusted advisor you need to be.