Internal Controls

We ensure the flow of information into an accounting system provides methods and records for:

  • Identifying and recording all valid transactions
  • Describing the transactions on a timely basis and in enough detail to permit proper classification in the financial statements
  • Providing sufficient information to permit recording of transactions in the proper accounting period

We ensure the quality of the of the information generated:

  • Provides the needed information for all users of the system reports to make appropriate decisions related to managing and controlling activities
  • Is provided on a timely basis
  • Is current and accurate
  • Is easily accessible by the appropriate persons

We leverage technology to provide additional security and safeguards:

GrowthForce helps your business improve efficiencies and reduce your risk for fraud by automating your financial systems, streamlining processes and assigning role-based permissions to each accounting process. Additionally, our cloud-based services offer you easy access to important financial information while providing additional safeguards against fraud or failure;