Xero Complete Accounting Solution


For Accountants/Finance Executives and Managers

Course Description

If you want to ….

  • Log in online anytime, anywhere on your Mac, PC, tablet or phone
  • and see up-to-date financials
  • Get a real-time view of your Cash-flow
  • Track Inventory swiftly
  • Run your business on the Go
  • Send online invoices to your customers
  • Get paid faster with Online Invoicing
  • Manage your Pay-Roll in a minute
  • Import and categorize your latest bank transaction
  • Just click ok to reconcile

XERO -the world leader in Cloud accounting software. It’s easy to use, delivers real-time collaboration, beautiful reporting, and an array of Add-on software. Currently, 1.38 Million Businesses are using XERO worldwide.

Learning Outcomes:
Gaining Basic to Advanced level of knowledge and learning how to use XERO to manage your own business accounts or your client’s accounts. This course will set you up with a strong understanding and practical knowledge of XERO to advance your business & professional career. Following our easy step-by-step instructions, you will be confident, skilled, and tech-savvy in professional accounting software XERO.


PowerPoint Presentation, Microsoft Excel

Contents of Training:

Session:1 (Introduction)

  • Introduction to XERO Online
  • Start, Navigate and exit control
  • Navigating the Dashboard
  • Overview watch list
  • Setting Up Company Profile

Session :2 (Application Programming Interface with XERO)

  • API for Inventory
  • Point of Sales Management
  • Auto Data Entry
  • Add-on Spreadsheet

Session: 3 (Customizing Settings)

  • Simple managing, editing and customizing Chart of Accounts
  • Creating and changing chart of Accounts
  • Deal with Customer Contacts
  • Prepare Sales Orders, Invoices, Quotes
  • Setting Up Purchases and Bills

Session:4 (Reconciling and Creating Bank Transaction)

  • Setup Bank Account for Company
  • Dashboard Overview
  • Adding Bank Account
  • Transfer Money
  • Setting Bank Rules
  • Perform Automated Bank Reconciliation

Session:5 (Setting Up XERO Payroll)

  • Introduction to Payroll tools
  • Managing Payroll Items
  • New Employee & Time Off Requests
  • Pay Templates
  • Pay Runs
  • Pay slips, Reporting & Filing
  • XERO Payroll Assessment

Session:6 (Aged Receivables & Payables Analysis with XERO)

  • Enter Supplier and Customer details into the XERO Contract file
  • Deal with more complex invoice matter
  • Record customer and Supplier payment
  • Create an Accounting Receivable Aging Report

Session:7 (Up to date Financial Report Summary)

  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit and Loss Account
  • Movement in Equity
  • Aged Receivables and Payables
  • Cash Summary
  • Sales Tax report
  • Journal Report

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Xero Complete Accounting Solution

  • ট্রেনিং টোটাল ৪ দিনের
  • টোটাল ১২ ঘণ্টার কোর্স
  • শুক্র , শনি সকাল (৯.৩০ - ১২.৩০)
  • আমাদের সব ট্রেনিং অফলাইন এ হয়ে থাকে