VAT & Tax Consultancy

We help our clients to get the highest tax benefit by effective tax strategy maintaining the compliance

Rich Insight Bangladesh helps Clients to:

  • identify and manage tax risks
  • take pressure o tax fling
  • maintain compliance obligations

Corporate tax retainer services (Where retainer is provided):

  • Review and submission of tax return
  • Consulting on withholding tax and VAT occurred from each business transaction
  • Collection & Submission of TDS and VDS challan
  • Monthly TDS & Salary TDS return Preparation and submission to the authority
  • Quarterly Advance Income Tax (AIT) Computation and deposit to the same to Govt. Treasury
  • Income tax computation, return submission
  • Acquiring Income tax clearance certificate

Assessment at DCT Level (If selected for Audit):

  • Assessment at DCT level
  • Revised assessment at DCT level after set aside by CT (Appeal), Tribunal
  • Appeal against the order of the DCT
  • Appeal filed by the assesses against the order of the CT (Appeal)
  • Assisting client in fling reference application against the order of the Taxes Appellate Tribunal
  • Assessment of withholding tax return (if return u/s 75(A) is selected for Audit)

Tax Planning & Advisory:

  • Obtaining the optimum tax benefit through tax planning
  • Tax Health checkup, Tax Retainer Services, TIN registration, Transaction Compliance, Tax Consultancy
  • Provident Fund Exemption, Provident Fund Approval, Gratuity Fund Exemption, Gratuity Fund Approval, WPPF Exemption

VAT Consultancy:

  • VAT Registration
  • Review of the transactions as to whether VAT is deducted as sources
  • Revenue and VDS reconciliation
  • Monthly VAT return (Mushka 19) preparation & submission
  • Deposited to the Government exchequer on timely basis and to the right code of accounts
  • VAT assessment at various level (Assistant Commissioner/Commissioner/Appellate Tribunal), documents preparation & review, attending hearing on behalf of client)

Customs Duty:

  • Customs Duty-Advisory
  • Customs Duty-Compliance

Personal Income Tax:


  • Tax planning
  • Income tax computation
  • Return submission

Why CPAs & Accounting Firms want to outsource their bookkeeping & accounting tasks:

  1. With intense competition, capacity crunch & talent crisis, the accounting industry is getting more & more competitive than ever before. To keep up with this, CPAs, Accounting Firms & Accounting Professionals have to remain updated with the latest business trends & technology. They also have to deliver variety of services consistently at reasonable rates & maintain flexible work schedules. For this why, outsourcing comes into play & gives them a competitive edge.
  2. Although, Bookkeeping takes up a lot of time, it is not very profitable compared to other services provided by CPAs / Accounting Firms. It may be simple, but it requires a top level of attention and needs to be done right. Because whatever you want to do such as management reporting, tax preparation or, valuation that has to be done based on the outcome of your bookkeeping & accounting. Therefore, it is important to choose a “smart back office accounting outsourcing partner” like Rich Insight Global who can undertake this work smoothly.
  3. Outsourcing bookkeeping & accounting allows Accounting firms & CPAs to use their time more efficiently to focus on becoming a business advisor by providing more value-added business advisory services such as Tax planning, Consulting, Investment planning, Audits, Compliance Analysis, Risk & Financial Advisory.


We believe your practice is our practice. Let us be your growth partner.

Our services are customizable. You can choose which tasks you want to perform internally & which task you want to outsource to Rich Insight Global.


  • Accounting System Setup for your new clients
  • Modify chat of accounts
  • 3rd party integration – Connect Xero & QuickBooks with APIs
  • Catch Up / Backlog bookkeeping
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Inventory Management
  • Payroll
  • Bank Account and Credit Card Reconciliation
  • Review of bank reconciliations
  • Sales Tax and Payroll Tax Reporting
  • Month-End Close Preparation

 We believe “Your Practice is Our Practice”. So, let’s be your growth partner & grow together.



Burden Free
  • Permanently free from Hiring, Training, Retraining staffs 
  • Accounting Systems Setup & Modify
  • QuickBooks & Xero Integrations & Automations using APIs
Peace of Mind
  • Dedicated Team & Technology Expertise 
  • Creating Procedures and Manuals and Standardize them
  • Clean, Accurate & UpToDate Books
  • Tax Ready Financials
  • Faster turn-around time of work
  • More Time & Resources
  • Scaling up your practice without Adding Staff